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Image ID: 108499

Image ID: 108499
Title: Sofia Court of Appeals is to rule on the restraining orders of three of the people arrested in connection with the case of Corporate Commercial Bank (CorpBank), who are accused of large-scale embezzlement.It ruled Margarita Petrova and Borislava Teneva-Kyuchukova would remain under arrest, while Maria Dimova was released under home attest over worsened health. The fourth detainee - Orlin Rusev, executive director of the bank, on the other hand, was released on BGN 10,000 bail.
Head teller, Margarita Petrova, head of the accounting department, Maria Dimova, and her assistant Borislava Teneva-Kyuchukova are charged with the embezzlement of nearly BGN206 million from CorpBank.

Photographer: Juliana Nikolova
More information and photos from the event.

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