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Image ID: 109605

Image ID: 109605
Title: President of the European People's Party (EPP) Joseph Daul arrived at the building of the Bulgarian National Assembly in the capital Sofia on Wednesday,Joseph Daul met with parliament chairperson Tsetska Tsacheva and her cabinet.Tsetska Tsacheva introduced the guest to the first steps taken by the newly-elected parliament.The EPP President stressed that he did not visit Bulgaria to come and tell who should establish the government.Asked whether the EPP would back a cabinet that includes a nationalist faction, such as the Patriotic Front, Mr Daul said that as President of the EPP he could not support statements that were absolutely unacceptable and added that he would not give such a support.
Daul added that Borisov did a good job with the government formation talks.

Photographer: Juliana Nikolova
More information and photos from the event.

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